Brochure design gets a fresh look for the new year

Tillery Valley Foods, as they do every year, were looking to revamp their Menu Choice brochures. However, this year they wanted to use them as more of a sales tool with brighter imagery, colour-coded meals and more accessible information. We’ve completed more brochure design projects than we’ve had hot dinners, so we knew exactly where to start here.

Making sure that your body gets the right stuff isn’t necessarily the most interesting activity. But its importance has never been in question – and when you’re in charge of what nutrients somebody else gets, you need to be spot on. This is a constant thought for NHS carers, and we wanted to make sure that when we created these new-look brochures, the sustenance wasn’t missing.

Bright, interesting, but most importantly for the end user, it’s informative. Colour-coded sections tell NHS carers what type of meal they’re looking for. Tick boxes tell them whether a meal is suitable for vegans or vegetarians, or whether it’s gluten-free.

Tillery Valley were delighted with these additions to their marketing roster for this year, and have mentioned how easy to use NHS staff have found them. We certainly think that we stepped up to the plate this year.

An image showing a double spread inside the Tillery Valley Foods manual. On the left page there is some nutritional information, and on the right page there is an image showing strawberries
A double spread of the Tillery Valley Foods manual. The image shows some nutritional information.
A double page spread from the Chilled manual depicting nutritional information
An image showing the front cover for the Ready manual. On the front cover is a close up of some vegetables on a wooden table.
An image showing an a double page spread of nutritional information inside the Tillery Valley Foods manual