Eye-catching designs make this internal communication for Scrivens stand out

Our friends at Scrivens send out an annual newsletter informing their employees of the goings-on within the company, and they give us the pleasure of pulling this internal communication piece together. These newsletters contain snippets of information from in-store events and yearly reviews, all the way up to what superpower a Scrivens employee would like. It really is an honour to provide the backbone for such juicy features. Scrivens provide the copy and we stitch it together with some neat typography and cool visuals, tinkering with every aspect until our designers can tinker no more. We took our rose-tinted specs off, and we still think these designs look great.

Image showing a two-page feature article inside the Scrivens' Internal Newsletter
Image showing bright visuals used in the Scrivens Internal Newsletter
Image showing the cover for the latest Scrivens Internal Newsletter
Image showing a two-page spread with graphics and a feature article from the Scrivens internal newsletter
Image showing a two-page spread of the Scrivens internal newsletter