Bringing style and substance to Scrivens internal communications

Scrivens Opticians’ annual newsletter made its way back onto our schedule late in November 2015, and we couldn’t have been happier. We love working on print projects like this, as they give our creative team so much to work with. This year was no different.

This newsletter is a large scale internal communications piece, making its way under the eyes of all Scrivens staff. Inside, it details how the year has been for the family-owned business. Progress, success and improvements are all included, as well as some interesting features on staff members.

For 2015’s piece, we decided that an appropriate theme would be improvement; how Scrivens can take all the great work they did, and go one better next year? Let’s find out.

We set our sights on bright colours, and fun, bold graphics that caught the eye, but were subtle enough to let the content be the focal point. This project always goes down a treat with the client – the result of an inspired Partnership. This year was certainly no different, as our knack for good print design was on show once again.

An image showing the front cover of the Scrivens Newsletter, with upward facing arrows implying progress.
An image showing a two page feature inside of the Scrivens Newsletter
An image showing a two page spread inside the Scrivens Newsletter
An image showing some of the colourful graphics used inside the Scrivens Newsletter