Brochure design and animation bring electricity to Utility Congress Week

At TP we know what our skills are, and brochure design is certainly one of them. So when we were approached by one of the UK’s largest consultancies, we backed ourselves to deliver something stimulating. For their exhibit at Utility Week Congress, they wanted an intuitive brochure that was both vibrant and informative enough to enlighten delegates.

We heard them loud and clear, and delivered something electric. This was a great opportunity to showcase our flair with animation, and we knew it would strike the mark.

Using some augmented reality software, we were able to provide users with something more. Scan an intriguing graphic with your smartphone or tablet and wait for the magic. Word has it that visitors loved how ‘quirky’ the animation was and that the promotional video piece not only complemented the brochure, but the exhibition stand too. Well, they’re the experts.

An image showing a tablet with the Rocketman animation waiting to play
An image showing a poster with the rocketman opening still on
An image showing three rolled up posters of the front page Rocketman design
An image showing the front page of the brochure with the Rocketman design on