Brain training tool gets employees flexing their grey matter

At TP we love to learn, grow and see our skills multiply, so it’s great to see some of our clients share this affinity for brain training.

A big player in the manufacturing, logistics and consultancy markets was gearing up to launch the first phase of their e-learning tool at the start of the year. They wanted to promote this innovative way of learning to their offices across the globe, and commissioned us to design posters, emails and z-cards to communicate the launch.

Because this was an internal campaign, they didn’t need their brand or services explained – they simply wanted to inspire staff to sign up and start playing. So, as January is typically all about self-improvement, with more people flocking to gyms worldwide then we care to think about, we decided to use this spin to garner some interest. We ran with the strapline ‘A full workout without leaving your seat’ and added some neat graphics to match.

Of course, we just had to animate them. These animations were the backbone for a strong email campaign that, through our hard work and consistent messaging, delivered the right results with a marked increase in employee uptake for the brain game.

With phase two of the game on the horizon, we hope to take it to the next level.

A poster showing a dumbbell being created from the wires of an electronic mouse.
A poster showing an eggtimer graphic, promoting the e-learning tool
An poster showing a weights machine infront of a desk chair.