Modern brand identity lights the way for engaging education

CYP, a department within the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS), work closely with children and young people to provide fire safety and fire prevention education. When we had a chat with them about their position within HFRS, it was the scope of their work which really shone through.

One day they could be teaching fire safety to kids as young as three, the next they’re instructing police on the hazards imposed by fire risks, or teaching those affected by drugs what to do in the case of a fire emergency. Every day spent with CYP is a school day – which is exactly what they wanted their brand to say. They wanted a refreshing new corporate identity that instills a sense of education, so that their customers would see them as a go-to hub of engaging information.

When we got down to business, we started by segmenting circles filled with vibrant colours to help bring this sub-brand to life. What we ended up with was an eponymous logo born from a neat geometric design. We decided that some sections should overlap to highlight that no matter how different their days can be, the purpose of each one is consistent – to educate children and young people on fire prevention and safety.

Due to these geometric shapes working just as well independently, we were able to create some interesting and vivid textures that help to pull the whole concept together. The versatility of these shapes has also allowed us to look forward with CYP’s corporate brand and develop some potential characters. We think these little guys are accessible to their younger audience and can help cement them as a cornerstone of fire safety.

What are your thoughts on geometric design?

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