We’ve carried out two global rebrands in three years for our client Generali, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Back in 2015, Generali Insurance rebranded to Generali Worldwide, a transition which had to be designed across 600 pieces of collateral within a four-month period.

For the last six months, our studio has been redesigning over 1000 pieces of collateral as Generali Worldwide has rebranded to Utmost Worldwide.

Collage of rebranded Utmost Wealth Solutions collateral

Scope of work

Our team have redesigned brochures, T&Cs, application forms, sales aids and interactive documents as part of the rebrand.

We have also been involved from a digital perspective, redesigning both internal and customer-facing websites in line with the new Utmost Worldwide brand.

Utmost Wealth Solutions animal vector icons on a black background

Adhering to guidelines

With guidelines already in place, multiple workshops were set up with key team members to ensure that we communicated, updated and agreed upon the implementation of the guidelines.

Weekly conference calls kept clients updated on progress to ensure they felt confident that the project was on target.

Rebranded Utmost Wealth Solutions folded 4pp leaflet

Hitting deadlines

As well as dealing with the sheer size and scope of this work, our team have had to deliver highly accurate, compliant collateral within incredibly tight timelines. The client has been impressed by both our diligence and determination to deliver results first time.

A rebranded Utmost Wealth Solutions brochure spread on a gold background

Working with sub-brands

The rebrand from Generali Worldwide to Utmost Worldwide has had to incorporate two sub-brands with individual guidelines: Utmost Wealth Solutions and Utmost Corporate Solutions.

Our team has worked diligently to align the two sub-brands across the scope of collateral, communicating effectively both internally and with the client.

Two rebranded Utmost Wealth Solution sales aid products stacked one on top of the other
Three rebranded Utmost Wealth Solution sales aid products stacked one on top of the other