Generali Worldwide (GW) have many thousands of clients that hold substantial savings with GW in the form of long term savings plans. The only regular communication that the Company have with the vast majority of their clients is an annual valuation.

GW were keen to reach out to these clients on a more regular basis to enhance brand recognition and loyalty, demonstrating a desire for an ongoing relationship and to reassure their clients in a continually difficult economic climate.

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Our Approach

Recognising the importance of being able to view this new and informative publication on a wide variety of platforms, we designed and developed a digital magazine.

The Journey app being used on a tablet

Creative Thinking

Each article was crafted to make the content more digestible for users, utilising the perfect balance of photography, vector illustrations and video.

We broke the stories down into bite-size chunks to make the pages more scannable. This gives users the ability to snack on the information that most interests them.

Early homepage sketches for The Journey
The Journey app being used on a tablet
The Journey app being used on a laptop to read feature
The Journey app being used on a laptop to read feature

Digital Ingenuity

To make sure all of this rich content didn’t slow down the site, we made use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This great facility dramatically improves performance by caching large images and reducing repeat server requests.

We utilised AngularJS’ routing feature, which when combined with CSS transitions, allows users to navigate smoothly between articles with instantaneous page loads.

Generali now have regular communication with their clients and are able to develop a more personal relationship with them, engendering confidence and brand loyalty.

What's Next?

Web analytics will provide important insights on their clients that can help Generali plan their future messages accordingly.