The survey results are in – here’s what it means for you

26th September 2016 by David Fyfe

Your feedback shows our partnerships are stronger than ever

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong partnerships with our clients and we are dedicated to continuously improving the way we work. We rely on your feedback to help ensure we do everything possible to provide exceptional service. And so we’re delighted that our survey results show we are doing just that.

We asked you to rate us in all five of our key departments:

  • Senior management
  • Account management
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Financial procedures.

This helped us to get a great overall picture and gain insight for each team to learn from. Here are a few points worth noting:

Let’s start with an overview. Overall, our customer satisfaction scores across all five departments came out at over 90%, reassuring us that we are going about our business in the right way. Not only does this show that we’re performing at a high level in the eyes of our clients, but we’re achieving consistency across the board.

Our skilled and reliable account management team garnered a lot of praise throughout the survey. A solid reflection of how well we’ve managed over 900 projects in the last 12 months across a varied client base, which ranges from one-person start-ups all the way through to global organisations. Regardless of size and scope of client, we’re hitting the right balance to ensure that our relationships are built on trust and energy, rather than a focus on the size of the transaction.

We’re in the strongest position in our history as far as our creatives and designers go. Our passionate folks in the studio are driven by the diversity of projects and the chances to expand the team experience whilst working with some brave brands. We do whatever we can to soak up as much inspiration as possible and absorb the latest design trends, to ensure that all work is delivered on time and right on the money.

We’re extremely proud of our portfolio of work too, and we’ve been fortunate to get our teeth stuck into a huge variety of projects this year, including plenty of digital jobs as well as a plethora of brand identities.

You scored our digital team over highly for being in touch with modern technologies. A fantastic result for us, as in the last year we’ve invested well over 250 hours into training, to ensure that we are keeping up with the latest developments and building the expertise in our team. This learning has been matched with genuine experience in the field as the team has delivered a wide variety of technical solutions and projects.  Over this last year, we’ve been working tirelessly on a new solution that we’ve named ‘Alchemy’ – watch this space for more information on this exciting initiative.

Our commitment to be the strongest technical and creative team we can be continues as we plan to make further strides with progressive web apps – a really exciting area of development for our agency.

We also scored highly in consistently providing you with accurate quotes and invoices. This is absolutely crucial for us as we strive to maintain transparency with our clients when it comes to managing the all-important finances.

Whilst these figures point to a successful period for us, we know that there is always more work to do to make sure that every interaction with a client is a positive one. So what does all this data mean for our clients?

It means they have access to a more diversely skilled team who love to solve problems. They’ll be exposed to a wider range of challenging products and skillsets from a marketing team who have invested time into understanding their business needs. Improvements to our internal processes and working methods means that our clients will benefit from a slicker journey with our team, from the outset right the way through to delivery.

Most importantly perhaps, it means we’re moving in the right direction – and we think there’s a lot more to come. There’s a real desire in our team to continue developing so that we can offer more challenging and effective creative solutions, which is something our clients can benefit from.

Finally, you may remember that for each survey completed, we promised that we’d make a donation to one of two charities – WINGS or Macmillan. Macmillan is a well-known charity who offer support to those affected by cancer and WINGS is a small charity, local to us here at TP. They do some fabulous work to support children and adults with learning difficulties. We’re happy to say that because of our clients, we were able to donate £190 to these deserving causes.

So a huge thanks to those who took the time to fill in our survey, giving us valuable insights into our relationships and also helping to raise money for two hard-working charities at the same time.