Supporting young talent on and off the pitch in Euro 2016

14th June 2016 by Tom Smee

You don’t win anything with kids

It’s a comment that has gone down in football folklore and has been repeatedly proven to be untrue. It certainly makes us chuckle as England have flown over to France with the youngest team in the EURO 2016 tournament, and our youngest in 58 years. As we cheer on the young lions in Paris this summer, we’ll also be celebrating young talent and reflecting on our great experiences with our own team of young professionals and making plans for future growth – particularly in our digital team.

As a business we have experienced first hand the benefits that championing young talent in our industry can bring. In our fantastic team here at TP there are two recent graduates and a former apprentice in their first and hopefully last jobs with us.

For David, our Managing Director, it’s all about keeping things ‘fresh’.

“Being able to introduce new blood is a critical factor in evolving as an agency – bringing in fresh attitudes and ideas and adding to the social mix is essential to creating a vibrant and creative environment.

“Recruiting Tom as a digital apprentice ticked all of our boxes, by giving the core of our team room to develop more adventurous and leading edge digital solutions, whilst giving Tom time to cut his teeth and become a more influential part of the team.”

As members of the IPA and champions of their Creative Pioneers scheme, we have played an active role in the development of creative young minds. This scheme offers a wide array of apprenticeships to school leavers looking to get into the creative industry. Apprenticeships haven’t always been as favourable as they are today – a bit like flying kids to a European Tournament – but it’s clear from their modern success that they offer agencies the chance to nurture to their needs.


That’s exactly why we took part in the Creative Pioneers scheme and bagged ourselves an apprentice. When the Creative Alliance, learning provider for the Creative Pioneer apprenticeships, got in touch with us about a potential candidate we were eager to see just how successful this scheme could be.

At the heart of the Creative Alliance is Noel Dunne, a man who is constantly looking for ways to evolve the Creative Alliance learning scheme and make creative apprenticeships more beneficial to young people.

“The Partnership are always one of our ‘go to’ agencies, as their constant support of young talent opens up great possibilities for newcomers to the industry. They recognise that this investment in youth makes commercial, creative and social success.

“When it came to employing an apprentice, they saw that by taking on someone with evident potential and developing them to perform to their standards, they would be able to create a more diverse team.”

Our partnership with Creative Alliance has been a big help with diversifying our team. For Drew, our Creative Director, employing young creatives has given us a great opportunity to tap into what the future will look like at The Partnership.

“There’s a lot to like about our most recent recruits. Their hunger to learn and determination to immerse themselves into every part of the business has had a genuinely positive impact on the whole office. We’ve been thrilled with the progress and by their fearless attitude to pose those questions that, traditionally, some people might have felt stupid asking. Given the positive attitudes and versatile skillsets, it’s fair to say that young talent will play a serious part in the future of our agency.”

So here we are, cheering on England’s young lions as they try to make their name in Europe. The creative industry can always benefit from young talent, so if you believe that you’re ready to start your own incredible journey then don’t hesitate to get in touch.