As well as big businesses, we love collaborating with local start-ups and supporting them on their journey.

When a local maths teacher and friend of ours, Rachel Williams, had her teaching support materials commended by an OFSTED inspector, it made her think how she might make them available to a wider audience. From this lightbulb moment, LoveMaths was born.

math problems on graph paper with pencil
elementary students in class

Our Approach

As a start-up owner, Rachel was keen to collaborate with us on a number of challenges that her business faced. Brand identity, online presence and well-designed worksheets were all part of the equation. In addition to this, Rachel needed a platform to distribute her worksheets.

We knew that Rachel had a great product and we were excited to be involved. Her personality and passion fuelled our inspiration and we took great pleasure developing the company mascot Mr Quigley.

Developing Mr Quigley for LoveMaths brand identity

Brand Development

The education and maths themes were an absolute gift to work with in terms of brand development. We developed a range of simple pencil marks, solid colour shapes and hand-drawn icons to help create the styles for the worksheets and site. That, combined with a handwritten typeface and felt-tip colour palette, all set on old-school graph paper, helped add a touch more relevance to the materials.

Developing vector assets for LoveMaths brand identity
Developing vector assets for LoveMaths brand identity
Developing Mr Quigley for LoveMaths brand identity

The Worksheets

Mr Quigley set the tone for the rest of the brand development and next up was the job of setting out the worksheets. Engagement was key here as the sheets are used to fill time within lessons so attention spans can be limited.

Worksheet designs complete with brand identity for LoveMaths

Video Animation

Our attention then turned to product promotion and what better way to tell Mr Quigley’s story than a video animation? Our design team got working on storyboards and before long we had a full set of artworked visuals ready to go. Bringing these to life was the job of the digital team, who opted for a video animation so that Rachel had something she could share really easily on her website and through social media.

Storyboard close-up of video animation for LoveMaths

Digital Ingenuity

Given the nature of Rachel's product we knew that a web-based platform would be the most efficient way for her to do business. We broke up her requirements into three key areas:

  • A shop window where customers could learn more about the worksheets
  • A facility to register interest before the product went to launch
  • A back-end system for Rachel to update her products and manage subscriptions and payments in one secure location.

A sure-fire winner? You do the maths.

LoveMaths website homepage shown on mobile device and laptop
Resource distribution interface for LoveMaths

What's Next?

LoveMaths worksheets will be in schools up and down the land from September 2017. We can't wait to see this take off and where Rachel and the team can take the worksheets, which have already been rolled out to digital formats, including more animations and dynamic content, giving a greater level of pupil engagement.