In October 2018, The Partnership was commissioned by EMCOR UK, a leading facilities management company, to help outline their strategic future business plans in a way that would engage with internal audiences.

The top-level objective was to find creative ways to engage with the internal audience and receive ‘buy in’ on the various initiatives that the business was planning for 2019. An event date had been scheduled for the 6th November, requiring all campaign materials to be completed within a 2-week deadline.

Trust in Future logo and slides from the final presentation

Identifying key objectives

With such an open brief and tight deadlines, getting up to speed with the details as quickly as possible was essential. To get the ball rolling, we ran an initial 2-day workshop with the client.

We finished Day 1 with an in-depth understanding of the specialist services that EMCOR UK provides, its business goals, and useful metrics that would enable us to demonstrate marketing ROI. Day 2 provided an understanding of the planned initiatives for 2019 and the wants and needs of the EMCOR UK’s internal target audience.

We created User Journey Maps for each of our personas, and soon it was clear that ‘Trust’ needed to be at the core of the campaign messaging. We agreed with the client that we would centre the campaign around sustainable futures for EMCOR UK staff.

Our aim was to build a feeling of 'Trust in the future', which became the name for our campaign.

Digital Ingenuity

We created a timeline video highlighting the positive actions of the team over the last three years, as well as animated schematics and models to bring the subject to life.

We decided these were going to be best presented online, but not in the ordinary website format. We set out to develop our own version of PowerPoint in-browser – something that could utilise all of the benefits of web technologies such as video integration and animation, but still act like a slideshow.

Our team of developers has a wealth of experience in developing web applications of varying sizes and capabilities, so when we defined plans for a bespoke solution that would provide EMCOR UK with a totally unique approach to presenting creative content on the web, we were confident that we would deliver.

We provided additional value for the client by being on hand to ensure that the AV and logistics were implemented to the highest standard.

Measuring success

To determine whether the project had been a success, we commissioned a pre and post event survey to capture opinions from the audience. These questions were designed around the overarching business goals that were agreed in the initial Discovery phase.

The post event survey results were very positive, and we were able to demonstrate a significant increase in our project metrics compared to the pre-event results:

  • Employee optimism up 81%
  • Belief that ‘EMCOR UK is one team’ up 48%
  • Trust in leadership up 31%