The Partnership UK is a design and digital studio. We create innovative consumer-facing campaigns and cutting edge fin-tech and reg-tech digital platforms for domestic and international brands.

Time and technology have moved on, but we have always stayed at the leading edge – constantly looking for new and exciting ways for our clients to communicate with their audiences.

Our solutions speak for themselves, but what really does the talking is how we treat clients, putting their needs before our own and developing lasting relationships.

Our team

It's not what you're doing, it's who you're doing it with. Our team are the most dedicated bunch of creatives, designers and organisers we know.

The Partnership that we know exists because of these guys, superhero-fanatics and beer-drinkers alike.

Lover of logic and science. Long-time Potter-head (Harry). I Get my kicks from developing robust back-end systems and walking my pooch, Harley.

Jon Allen

Senior Developer

Family loving homebody. Annoyingly particular. Lover of design over function. On a mission to make things look better, and you happier.

Claire Ash


A furry-faced lover of the sea, music, decent beer and doing things well. Parallel-parking wizard. Interested in everything but easily distracted.

Drew Burtenshaw

Creative Director

Great to work with a group of talents that come together to make a collective which just works. Music, food and lighting Darkside, The Pink Floyd Show.

Dan Cooper


I’m someone who gets stuff done and organised. Love listening to and writing prog music and there’s a novel in me somewhere. Just realised that life begins at 50.

Doug Fyfe

Account Director

A sociable, chocolate-addicted, bird-fearing, organisational enthusiast with a love for Hepburn and an unhealthy obsession with celeb gossip!

Anya Golding

Senior Account Manager

Loves to think strategically and creatively, crafting marketing solutions with commercial benefit. Bubbly in personality, and drinks to match.

Natalie Howard

Account Director

Wildlife trekking is my passion, Africa my go-to continent. I obsess about apostrophes, grammar and spelling, with an eagle eye for detail.

Dawn Lloyd

Account Director

With 12 years' business development and marketing experience, I've helped develop many rewarding relationships with clients. Sporty, multi-lingual and fiercely determined.

Kat McEwen

Business Development Director

A creative and a geek, I love when design and function meet. I'm a Welshman, a Christian (Christadelphian) and a lover of anything that's been carefully crafted.

Julian Pavett


After years of working alone I love being with people again at TP! Wife, 2 kids, Vinny the Schnauzer, Wolves, Merlot, Northern Soul & Ska.

Mark Richards

Account Director

A football-adoring, indie rock-addicted, David Brent disciple with a head for digital development and a heart for American candy.

Tom Smee


Family orientated collector of anything Elephant. Love lists and structure. Spend most days counting calories but love a big bag Tangfastics!

Carolyn Smith

Managing Director

I’m a cheerful horror film lover with a passion for producing meticulous artwork and spicy food. Dream of owning a cottage at the foot of Snowdon.

Louise Taylor


A spectacle wearing, music loving, happy Welshman with a quiff, interested in animation and B-movie posters, with a weak spot for a good brew.

Gareth Willowe

Art Director

Perhaps the greatest achievement over the years has been our dedication to clients, and how we've consistently added value to their business.

It’s no secret that some agencies can fall by the wayside as clients grow, but at The Partnership we know how important it is to keep your friends close. As the years have gone by, we’ve grown alongside our clients and played an active part in their development, and them in ours.

This has enabled our clients to fully understand how to get the best from us and build healthy partnerships with members of our team.